Saturday, October 19, 2013

How big should you gauge your ears?

People begin the process of stretching their ears with many different goals.  But how big is too big for you?  We'v decided to talk about this topic from our experience at Avaia Artistic Jewelry.  We have ear gauges for sale in all sizes, but this little guide may help you decide how quickly to stretch up, and when to decide to stop.
If having your ears return to a normal appearance is an option that you want, we suggest that you stop somewhere between a 4g and 2g.  Most people (there are individual differences of course and this is only a guide), can stretch to this size and return to wearing standard gauge earrings (with a bit of stretchy lobes) and no noticable hole.  Some people may be able to stretch larger, but the "point of no return" varies from individual to individual.  The photo below shows an individual that had stretched to a 00g, or about 9.5mm, after a rest from stretching, and minor plastic surgery to repair the stretch.
The type of jewelry that you plan wear is also a significant factor when deciding how far to go.  Hanging styles typically are sold up to a 1/2" gauge size, and you may find limited styles in larger gauges, but they are far less common.
Plugs can start as small as a 10g, but they are hardly noticable at this size and would lack detail.  Tunnels may begin at 4g, but really begin at 2g with a variety of styles.  If you are looking for detailed carvings in your plugs and tunnels, you may have to stretch as large as 1/2" to get the detail that you are looking for.
The type of material plays a factor as well.  Bone gauges are limited in hanging styles to a size of 0g at best as bone, in general, is not a thick material to carve when working with flat pieces.  Bone tunnels can be larger in size as long bone is used, which is naturally hollow.
Horn can be carved in gauges of all sizes, but hanging styles will still be limited in the larger sizes.
Wood has no limit in carving sizes, but is quite fragile in the smaller gauge sizes.
Stone and glass has no limit in plug size, but becomes quite heavy in larger sizes.
Shell gauges are limited to the thickness of the shell, and are generally available in sizes under 0g, with occasional sizes that are larger.
Whatever you decide, we at Avaia Artistic Jewelry would be happy to help you with your decision.  Visit our website at or drop us a note at  Please visit our facebook page or our wordpress blog.

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