Thursday, September 24, 2015

Halloween is coming! Let's look at some gauge styles befitting this holiday.

Whether Halloween comes once a year to you or if it is your style all year long, Avaia Artistic Jewelry will have a style of gauges to match your personality or party.  Check out some of our favourites below.


20101013_36Appropriately named "Hellbent" these were designed to be scary

tempestThe above style was name "Tempest" and could pair wonderfully with Halloween.

dragon2This dragon style is called "Scatha"

29343_551697611512554_1687915131_nAnd another dragon style called "Parthos"

woodowlAnd what about some OWLS?

barnowlThe above owl is called "labyrinth" after the barn owl in the movie.

Horn SagarisThe SAGARIS style has a medevil feel to it. We also have this style in bone, red sabo wood and black areng wood.


And DIABLOS named after the devil himself.


Also possibly an urge to Howl at the Moon.

But what ever you plan for Halloween or thereafter, check out the selection of gauges at Avaia Artistic Jewelry and let us make your day or every day awesome.

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