Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buy Labradorite Plugs at Avaia Artistic Jewelry

Each variety of natural stone has associated properties that follow it. Labradorite is our most popular stone for ear gauges. It is a power stone that can allow your dreams and goals to come into focus and turn to reality. If you are intuitive, labradorite can strengthen your natural predictive talents. Labradorite's uses include helping to develop ideas and develop enthusiasm for projects. If your are artistic, a dreamer, or have plans for a project, it will help your creative side.

Labradorite is native to Canada. First found in 1770 on the Labrador penninsula, other sources have since been found in the former USSR and Norway.

Labradorite is famous for its "flash" of colour when viewed at specific angles. The colour of the flash can vary from intense blues, purples and oranges, to flashes of white, green and every colour of the rainbow in between. High polish rounded plugs will display a cat eye effect. There are various grades of labradorite. Economy grade plugs, which are common in many jewelry stores, may contain little or no flash. We offer A grade plugs, which will have some flash, andSelect AA grade labradorite plugs guaranteed to have excellent flash. Our sizes range from 6g to 1" with prices that cannot be beat!

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