Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to care for organic bone jewelry

Bone is one of the most popular materials in organic jewelry. Most people when they first purchase bone do not realize it is VERY fragile. Even thicker bone needs to be handled with special care. Bone also does not handle humidity well and may warp under these conditions. Keep your bone jewelry out of the bathroom and preferably somewhere with dryer air. Bone that gets wet or is in constant contact with skin, will change colour and develop a translucent appearance from water or body oils. Bone should not be oiled as this will change the colour. The best way to clean bone items is with a dry jewelry polishing cloth. This will remove any grit and bring out the shine. We recommend removing bone ear gauges before showering, bathing or swimming to keep them looking their best the longest. Bone also has a limited thickness. We at Avaia Artistic Jewelry often have requests for bone hanging gauges in sizes bigger than 0g. Because bone is limited to the thickness of the animal from which it comes, most hanging or spiral gauges can only be in sizes up to 2g or 0g.

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